New Messaging Regulation - Safaricom, Kenya

New Messaging Regulation - Safaricom, Kenya

We would like to share with you an important update regarding the sending of SMS messages towards the Safaricom, Kenya network. 

Since 2019 the mobile operator has been working towards the separation of SMS traffic on its network i.e. Promotional and Transactional traffic. 

When the new regulation was introduced, all sender IDs were placed on the promotional route with a provision to allow one sender ID to send both promotional and transactional messages as long as compliance was in place. 

Unfortunately, the mobile operator has implemented a new change that prohibits the use of one sender ID to send both promotional and transactional messages. Therefore, it is now a requirement for those sending both promotional and transactional messages to have 2 sender IDs e.g. ABC (Transactional) and ABCInfo (Promotional). 

If you have registered a sender ID as a Transactional sender, do not use it to send any promotional message(s). The mobile operator will delete your sender ID immediately and apply a hefty fine if found in violation. 

If you are sending promotional messages, please be advised that customer express consent should be obtained before targeting them with any promotional messages. For the consent to be valid, it should be express, unequivocal, free, specific and informed. 

The mobile operator will suspend any sender ID in breach of the above conditions without any notice. 
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